Anna Maria

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 1.06.07 PMAnna Maria is passionate about education and promoting diversity. This passion comes from her Russian, Paraguayan and Indigenous Argentinean heritage, and her experiences living and studying in Paraguay as a child and Europe as an adult. Now, as a primary school teacher who often works with students from many cultures in her ESL classes, she knows the importance of school in dealing with and erasing racism.

What is racism?

Have you ever encountered racism?

Why is it important to stop racism?

What can each of us do to prevent racism?

How does inclusion feel?

Have you ever said anything racist?


One response to “Anna Maria

  1. I went to high school with Anna Maria, she was a year or so above me and we both studied Drama. Despite Asians being an ethnic minority in Australia, I appreciate you sharing your recount of coming from a predominantly Asian high school, yet still experiencing racism – I thought it was best summed up with “it’s up to me to decide who I am”, how absurd is it to claim that Russia is part of Asia?! Thank you Anna Maria for being involved in the conversation about racism.

    I’m creating a campaign for a uni project, it’s over at I’m hoping that it will gather enough attention so to establish a major play at the Sydney Theatre Company with a multi-racial cast, please have a read of my posts, they’re quite short. Would love to hear your thoughts. I’m also optimistic that one day we’ll have a minority in the lead of a huge successful production, setting a precedent for many years to come. One play at a time I suppose.

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