All Together Now gratefully acknowledges the support of all who have taken part in this project:



Clive – Clive has Chinese background but he grew up in Australia.

Fatmata- Fatmata works in Metro Migrant Resource.

Paulina – Paulina is an international student.

L-FRESH The LION – L-FRESH The LION is a Hip Hop star.

Alex – Alex is a teacher.

Lauren – Lauren is a media and law student at UTS Sydney.

Al – Alastair Harris is a volunteer who offered to help All Together Now with this project.

Kristy – Kristy Best is a TV Presenter for ABC2‘s ‘Sunday Best’.

Ben – Ben had recently experienced racism in Australia for the first time.

Helen – Dr Helen Szoke is the Race Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Omar – Omar grew up in the Sutherland Shire area, south of Sydney.

The Body Shop – Kara, Cheman, Jess, Yvette and Yuko work in various The Body Shop stores around Sydney.

All Together Now Directors – Yin Paradies, Monty Noble & Trish Hansen are Directors on our Board.

Film Producers

Hanna Webb

Pornsiri Rakthai

Katie Heathcote

Jamal Mir

Robert Moorman & Sean McDermott from Hunting With Pixels

Priscilla Brice-Weller


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